There will be weekly competitions posted on this page every Monday that will close on Friday. Remember to check our Facebook page every Saturday to see the results.

This week’s competition is all about time!

How many minutes are there between quarter to 9 AM and ten past 11 AM?

If I want to catch the bus at 12:45, and it takes me quarter of an hour to walk to the bus stop and five minutes to buy a ticket, what time should I leave my house?

How many seconds are there in 4 minutes?

How many days are there in 4 weeks?

I am going travelling on the 1st of January for 40 days. On which day will I return?

Trains from Kemsing to London leave every 2 hours and 25 minutes. If the first train is at 6:54 AM, what time is the next train?

What is the time on the clock below?

You will receive the secret code if you get all the answers correct.
Please tell us your name so that we know who has entered the competition.
If you are a winner then we will need to contact you to let you know.