Parent Hub

Pupil Registration

Register your child/children as a new pupil with Kemsing Tuition here. Pupil registration should be completed by the pupil if they are over 18, but if they are under 18 their parent/guardian must register them. You can complete registration for yourself and up to four other pupils (adults or children) in your family.

Parents’ Welcome Letter

Here you can find the welcome letter from our Director that is sent out to all parents when they join Kemsing Tuition. This contains general information such as lesson location and contact information.

Managing School Concerns

Here you can find advice on dealing with certain difficult situations with your child's school. Are you unhappy with the teaching or environment, or are you considering extra tuition outsuide of school?

Worksheet Answer Sheets

Here you can find worked solution sheets for each of our worksheets, which can be found in the pupil hub. Use them to mark your child's answers, or brush up on the skills yourself!

Eleven Plus Papers

Eleven plus practise papers will be uploaded here once they become available. You can print these papers off for your child to practise the skills needed to sit the 11+.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning

In this area of the website you will find resources to help you support your child's learning. There is helpful advice for parents here too.

Barriers to Learning

Here you can find information and advice on several barriers to learning from Autism Spectrum Disorder to conditions such as Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia.


Summer Concert 2018We host music concerts in summer and winter, where you can have the opportunity to play your instrument in a real concert, alongside other pupils and tutors. Look at our Concert Review page to read a review of our last summer concert, and see what it is all about.


On our testimonial page you can see what our students and their parents have to say about lessons with Kemsing Tuition and our tutors.