Pupil Hub

This part of the website is just for pupils! Here you can find links to many useful things that will help you with your lessons and homework, as well as fun things such as competitions.

Top Tips

Our Top Tips pages provide a lot of information to help you suceed in Maths and English as well as tips to help manage your School and Home Life.


Richard (our head tutor) has produced a book that will make learning scales fun and easy. Click here to find out more and to purchase a book for yourself.


Visit our Competitions Page every week to enter a new competition. These competitions will be on different topics every week, such as a music quiz on key signatures, an English quiz on homophones, or a maths quiz on fractions. Be sure to enter your details after completing the quiz, as the winner will be announced on our Facebook Page, along with the correct answers, every Saturday. These competitions are not only fun but they will help you with your learning.


Summer Concert 2018We host music concerts in summer and winter, where you can have the opportunity to play your instrument in a real concert, alongside other pupils and tutors. Look at our Concert Review page to read a review of our last summer concert, and see what it is all about.